You Can Only Fine Tune If You Know Where To Look


As you approach excellence, as you begin to create the extraordinary, it is not the big that matter. It is the small things. It is the subtle nuances, the small shifts, the little adjustments that can make all the difference. What I want to share with you today was a big lesson in this.


My son Edon is learning to play the Viola. I am impressed by his progress. However this came to a sudden halt when he dropped his instrument and it was all out of tune. Neither he, nor his brother could get it back into tune.

Easy-peasy I thought. I have never had a problem tuning the guitar. I then picked up the Viola and immediately went to work on the tuning pegs. Now the tuning pegs are quite stiff and it was very hard to turn them with any subtlety. My admiration for stringed instrument players went up a notch! Like my two boys I could not get the Viola to tune up.

And then there was a breakthrough. Violas are not like guitars. The tuning pegs are there effectively to set up the strings, not to get it into tune. At the opposite end of the Viola, on the tailpiece are four small thumbscrews. These are the fine tuners. With this knowledge the Viola was up and running in seconds. Harmony was restored.

Such a simple and obvious thing with hindsight.

And yet before I knew it, a HUGE barrier to success. My skills in being a guitarist for most of my life were not as transferable as I thought.

It is incredible what a tiny bit of insight can give us, when it comes at just the right moment. Sometimes it is so hard to see as we don’t know what we don’t know. Sometimes without that outside perspective it becomes impossible.

Where could that insight change your life? What can become possible for you with that insight?

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