What will your discovery be?

The thing about discovery is that you don’t know what you don’t know. I can’t ask you want you want to discover, as if you already knew you would have already discovered it! The only way we can discover more about ourselves and others is to notice more deeply, become more aware and begin to expand the limits of who we are.

A few days ago we had another Extraordinary Women’s Discovery Day. A day of deep work in witnessing each other, of leaning into our edges, expanding into a greater awareness. A day of fully aware noticing. A day that was a joyful as it was profound. A day of simple experiences, a day of new horizons.

“Following my intuition, I attended David Taylor‘s one day workshop for Extraordinary Women…

…this one-day workshop was one of the most powerful I have ever experienced.

Many of the modules were completely new and fresh to me which pushed me to the very edge of my own sense of where I am…….

I feel thoroughly blessed to have been introduced to this amazingly skilled man ……. his gentle ways have a distinctive flavour of being magical, mystical and totally safe.”


“Yesterday was an unforgettable day for me, thanks to David Taylor and the wonderful people that I met during his ‘Uncontained Day’

I laughed, cried, talked, processed, listened and thoroughly enjoyed my experiences, and one of them was the unforgettable Sean Stephenson videos. I dare you to get up and dance!

Thank you David. You’re awesome!”

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