I really want to make and share creative and engaging videos for my service based business but I don’t want to come across like ‘that’*

* You know you see those videos in your timeline, too slick, too showy, too scripted, too sleazy even. You might even cringe a little when you see them. Yes, that. It really puts you off making a video for your business even though you know it is a great idea.

If this is you then you are in exactly the right place.

Introducing: The Stillness Process

How to create highly original, engaging and trust building videos that your ideal clients will love and that you’ll be proud to share.

Dear Service-Based Business Leader,

If you are reading this then you are likely a life coach, therapist, healer, advisor or consultant.

You want to create some videos that describe your work and help people get to know and trust you. You want a powerful medium that can capture people’s attention, help people find you and build trust once they do.

Video is such a powerful medium, just look at the power of YouTube.

YouTube receives more than 1.5 billion logged in users per month and feeds over 1 billion hours of video each day to users (that’s right… billion). Even Vimeo, a more upmarket place to find great video has 170 million users every month.

Using YouTube as a vehicle for traffic cannot be underestimated in its impact if successful with over 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.

Over half of video content is viewed on mobile and 92 per cent of mobile video viewers share videos with others.

Well… that’s all very interesting but why does it matter to you…

51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.

Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.

What does this really mean to you?

Think about it, how much revenue did you make last year? Now add 50% to that.

I am not going to pretend that simply by making a video, no matter how authentic and magnetic, that everything will change overnight. There are many parts to creating successful engagement, however, I do believe that great videos are the keystone in creating great engagement for trusted service providers.

Why? Because your ideal clients watch videos. Those videos are a powerful way for them to get to know you with no risk to them, from the safety of their own homes and to see if you and your point of view resonate with them.

If the videos are done well, they can have a profound, long term impact on your business.

But… even if you already know all of this, maybe you still can’t get yourself to make the videos. You can’t even get started.

If that’s you, you’re not alone.

When I’ve asked my clients they’ve told me there are four main things in the way (perhaps you can relate):

Five Common Roadblocks to Getting Started With Online Video:

Roadblock #1 – “I don’t understand the tech”: They don’t want to become an expert  in the technical side of making, editing and uploading videos (who has the time?) but they are scared they will come across as unprofessional or amateurish if they don’t know enough and that this will detract from their message.

The truth is that it mostly does not matter. If you have a great, passionate message to share you can simply press record on your phone. A great coach I know makes videos in his garden on his iPhone with his headset dangling out of his ear.

Roadblock #2 – “Stagefright”: The whole process of filming makes you feel uncomfortable at best or fills you with dread at worst. For most people sitting in front of a camera is an uneasy experience. Hey, me too.

You love what you do but your confidence then evaporates in front of the camera. I am sure that if you have done it, you know that feeling of shrivelling up inside so that less of you can be seen. I recently made a video message for a friend of mine and ended up doing multiple takes as this is exactly what happened – and I am used to sitting with the camera, and this was to a friend!

You get so wrapped up in ‘getting it right’ that it just comes out all wrong.

The truth is that it does not have to be that way. Your viewers have no idea what you have planned to say so there is no script to get ‘right’. Even better, what if you were simply having a conversation with someone and there happened to be a camera there?

Roadblock #3 – “I hate seeing myself on video”: Some people are not a fan of their appearance (e.g. mouth, wrinkles, double chin or hair). Others don’t like their voice (e.g. accent, speed, tone, pace and words). They can’t even hit “record” on the camera. They are so nervous about the whole experience and so uncomfortable watching themselves on video or hearing their own voice that they delete every single take that they shoot because there is always something “not quite perfect” about it. They know it’s neurotic but they can’t get past it. And if they do, then the final video lacks the relaxed conversational, spur-of-the-moment style that they are aiming for. They will spend a whole day recording a single minute’s video message or vlog. It’s not worth the time.

The truth is that people see us in real life every day. You are just not used to seeing yourself the way other people see you all the time. In reality, people are far more interested in what you have to say than how you look.

Roadblock #4 – “What do I even say?”: Even if they know the technical side of filming and feel at ease being filmed… but what on Earth do they talk about in these videos?

The truth is that once you forget you are making a film and you remember what you are passionate about then you will have more than enough to say.

Roadblock #5: “I don’t want to seem sales-y”: You’ve seen them, all those videos on Facebook and Youtube from other people who do what you do. So many of them come across as cringey, creepy, overproduced. Scripted, insincere, slick, sales-y, smarmy and inauthentic. You don’t want to make a video like that. Do you TRUST the people in these videos? You know you don’t want to come across like that!

The truth is that the best way to sell is to share your passion, to let people see who you are. People are drawn to authenticity and vulnerability. We both know that in your work it is not about impressing people, it is about creating a deep connection.

In short: They don’t know how to make a video that they wouldn’t be mortified to share.

So, What Can You Do?

I’d like to share with you a unique approach to crafting videos that captures who you really are.

Not less than, not more than. Simply you.

It’s an approach that will give you videos you would be proud to share and that your ideal clients would be thrilled to watch and they can get to know who you are.

It’s an approach where you will love how you and your message comes across.

It’s an approach where the person watching it feels like they are in a real conversation with you.

It’s an approach to making films that authentically capture who you are while, at the same time, being part of a process that helps you find a way to be deeply heard and truly express who you are.

It’s an approach that won’t ask you to ‘sell’ to anyone and it won’t have your clients feeling ‘sold to’ or otherwise manipulated. If you’re like me, you don’t want to have to convince them to work with you. I find that approach a little distasteful.

It’s an approach that can help draw forward clients who are a perfect fit for you while simultaneously beginning to build deep trust with them (even before you have met them).

It’s an approach that can begin to do to create trust before they ever hire you (or even talk to you or meet you).

It’s an approach that will leave you much clearer on your message than when you began it. Many people have huge epiphanies about their work and what it’s really about during the filming – and those moments are very powerful for people to watch. The spontaneity of these moments can’t be scripted.

It’s an approach that can have you wasting less time on those who are not a good fit. My guess is that you’re tired of trying to appeal to everybody. You want to spend less time on the ‘maybes’ the ‘not quite sure’ (that almost never end up turning into worthwhile clients if they turn into clients at all). You want more committed clients who are a perfect match for you and you want your prospects to see that maybe you are not for them so that those who are not a fit do not waste your treasured time (nor you theirs).

It’s an approach I’ve had some clients do for the film itself while others have come for the process itself and the films at the end were merely an added bonus.

It’s an approach I see rarely, if ever, among service providers.

It’s an approach I call The Stillness Process.

Hi, my name is David.

For over thirty years I have worked in trust-based businesses.

First of all in the world of business as a consultant and business adviser, and over the past fifteen years working with individuals from all walks of life serving them through what I call ‘deep coaching’. I have coached everyone from millionaire entrepreneurs to retired grandmas. Every one of these roles that I have played has been based on building relationships based on deep trust.

Over recent years my work with individuals has gone deeper as I noticed so many people simply want to be able to tell their untold story, often of deep wounds in their past. Perhaps they could sense that deep wound in me. Perhaps knowing that created a sense of feeling safe, knowing they would be heard without judgement.

So why is being heard and being seen SO important to me?

When I was a young boy I became invisible. It came at an age where kids start to become aware of differences.

My difference was that I was Chinky.

This was very confusing for me. I was a young boy growing up in a Caucasian family. But it turned out I was the only non-white person in my town. In my area of the whole county. I had to work out on my own that I was adopted. I grew up thinking I was like everyone else, but everyone else saw me differently. I became invisible. Even worse, I wanted to become invisible. My name was not David anymore. It was Chinky. And this was true for years. I lost who I was behind all the masks, and it would take years for me to discover how to reconnect to who I am.

I have seen people isolated and judged for so many reasons – too thin, too fat; too tall, too short; too clever, too stupid. Freckles, glasses, hair colour. Reading this one of these might have triggered you right now.

I see this story again and again in others. What was ‘Chinky’ for you?

And all of this gets in the way of truly expressing ourselves. We shrivel up in the presence of the imagined judgement of others.

This has been my journey over a lifetime, to strip away all the walls I built, the places to hide, to where I am now. The fears, the self-judgement have not gone away, my work is to stop fighting it, and to step into the vulnerability of working with it.

Three Trust Builders That Your Videos Must Share

There are three trust building things your videos must share to have your ideal clients feel safe enough to come forward:

Before I share these with you let me share with you a few words about why trust is important. And, of course, I work with video, but this could also be done in writing or in audio. I’ll make the case as to why I think video, for these purposes, might be the most powerful medium in just a minute.

But first, let’s explore the importance of your clients feeling safe enough to come forward – to building trust. I believe that in order for potential clients to commit to you and the work you do with them, there must be a foundation of trust. As a service-based business trust is at the heart of what you do. You are in a trust-based business. If they don’t trust you, they won’t work with you and so fostering a deep, personal, trusted connection with your ideal clients’ matters.

If they don’t trust you:

  • it is likely they will likely never sign up to work with you. How many hours have you spent on potential clients who never make the final leap to working with you?
  • they won’t commit. Even if they do make the leap, they won’t fully invest. They will not be fully committed. Some part of them will always be held back for their own safety. And so they won’t get the fullest results they could have. Or they’ll drop out mid-process. Or even worse, they become the client from hell. All of that leads to bad word of mouth (or none at all) for you. You want clients who are truly committed to the work that you two do together.
  • they won’t follow your process. One of the most difficult and often most subtle challenges I see coming from a lack of trust is ‘role reversal’. The client is always trying to wrestle control of your process, of your work. Everything is questioned, beyond a healthy level of inquiry.

However, if they do trust you:

  • you don’t have to pitch or sell them on working with you.
  • they are more like to stay the course, to be committed even when the going gets tough.
  • they will trust your process because they know you won’t take advantage of them.

I’m not saying that a few videos are all you need to build this trust. Obviously not. What I am saying is that any video you ever make will either build trust (e.g. “I like this person! They seem so genuine and I liked what they said.”) or erode it (e.g. “Ewww. Cringe. Yikes. That was way too slick and sales-y.”)

You want your videos to build trust.

But what are the kinds of things that you should share to do that?

Trust Builder #1: What you believe.

As Simon Sinek puts it “When we are surrounded by people who believe what we believe something remarkable happens, trust emerges”.

I am sure there are communities, vendors or venues where you naturally feel at home. You know they just get you. If you are open about your beliefs then you can polarise your marketplace. In fact, you want to polarise your marketplace. I believe that our vulnerability is one of our greatest sources of power. Even as you read this, some of you might pull back at this idea, and some of you will acknowledge that within you.

You might even be drawn in to be more curious as to what vulnerability means to me. You are reacting to me sharing my belief one way or the other.

Trust Builder #2: Your clear message.

What is your message to your clients and community? Do you want them to, “live with passion”; “discover their joy’; “heal their soul”; “create inner health”? And within these ideas, what is your subtle take on it?

My message is simply this, “speak your truth”. There is tremendous power in sharing your truth and it is so often so difficult thing to do.

We want to be polite, to fit in, not to offend, to please others, to shrivel up at others imagined judgement.  By letting go of all of that is how you are truly heard, when we share what is deeply true for us. And when we speak our truth it creates the possibilities of deep connection.

What message do you have for your clients and community?

Trust Builder #3: Your why, your purpose.

This is more than what you are passionate about, this is why you are passionate about it.

What are the thoughts, words and feelings behind your why, what is your story? When I was a young boy, I was only known as, ‘Chinky’. I had to become invisible to survive. Now I am passionate about helping others been seen and heard, in the way that I learned to be seen and heard. Words on a page allow your community to read about your why.

But how do you powerfully and artfully capture these three things – what you believe, your message and your purpose –  in a way that engages resonates with your community and potential clients?

If you are reading this, you have a new idea or a new message that is powerful and impactful that you want to share with your community.

Maybe it’s all crystal clear. Or maybe you can feel your message bubbling up inside of you and the words are not quite there yet to truly express it. You haven’t found a process yet or someone to listen long enough and deep enough to help you get to it. Those who are close to you see it in you. They see it in what you say and what you do but you still can’t articulate it.

And so you need help.

If this seems like this might be a good fit for you then let’s explore an important question… “Why does it take most service providers so incredibly long to feel at ease on camera?”

I remember speaking with Brendon Burchard who said that you have to make at least one hundred films before you start to be yourself on camera.

But you likely don’t want to have to suffer through a hundred different videos to get it right. Let’s imagine that each video, with filming, editing, putting it online etc, takes you 30 minutes. Multiply that by 100 videos and you have 50 hours of your time.

I don’t think it needs to take that long.

Eight Reasons It Takes Most Service Providers So Long To Be Themselves On Camera:

So, if it doesn’t need to take so long to feel at ease on camera and come across naturally, then why does it so often?

There may be many reasons for this but there are eight that I think matter most:

Reason #1 – Ego: Our ego kicks in wanting to create something special, something ‘perfect’, forgetting that being present is maybe all that is needed.

Reason #2 – Stuck in Presentation Mode: We forget that we are simply having a conversation and instead we stumble over our words. This often happens when speakers walk out on stage, they start presenting and stop having a conversation.

Reason #3 – Trying Too Hard: We are concentrating so hard on getting our points across, getting it right that we lose sight of simply being our message.

Reason #4 – Feeling Rushed: As we get stuck in our heads, there is a sense of being rushed, even though there are no real time constraints.

Reason #5 – Fear of Rejection: We are uncomfortable being vulnerable, because by its very definition, being vulnerable opens us up to the feeling of being judged by others, so we hold back.

Reason #6 – You are doing on your own: when you film with someone there, connecting with you with deep empathy, right in front of you, you can sense that as you see the film. It creates a new dimension of connection, and it can draw out new distinctions and insights through subtle and light direction.

Reason #7 – But, most often, filmmakers, videographers do not help. Most of them have not done the work that you do, they focus on the filming, not the empathy and space that you need to speak openly and freely. Working with a videographer can feel alienating. Do you want to work with someone who cares more about how you look or about how you feel?

Reason #8 – Scripts. I had a call last week – a lady from LA reached out to me as she wanted to funnel filming clients to me. It was interesting as there just wasn’t a connect. She has a process where she works with people to capture their brand essence and then to structure that into a script outline. She then works with them to be filmed. She was hoping I could be her producer/director in the UK. What I noticed is that this did not appeal to me at all. It felt too scripted, too contained, too structured. It lacked an organic, natural feel.

All of these things make it take a long, long time before you ever feel natural when being filmed.

But, more importantly, all seven of these things get in the way of your potential clients trusting you.

Introducing The Stillness Process for Trusted Service Providers

So, let me tell you about this process I’ve come up with.

I think one of the reasons it’s worked so well and been such a draw to people is because many of my clients are deeply uncomfortable sharing their true message.


Because of what others might think of them. They want to work it out in a safe space rather than feel the shame of immediate exposure.

One doesn’t want to take one’s most vulnerable ideas and experiences and reveal them for the very first time on Facebook live or on stage before an audience of thousands.

Over recent years I have been working on honing a process I discovered that combines what I learned from years of deep coaching with simple camera techniques that accesses and magnifies your amazing message, instead of reducing it.

One of my clients, Simon, a purpose coach, wrote me a few weeks after he shared the video I’d made for him: “I just got a call from my marketing consultant who said she was “blown away” and “very emotional” after she watched the films – she said she wants to work with me as a result of watching the film! So we did a great job – thank you.”

One film that I made is so intense and powerful. This film has created ripples and many opportunities for my client. It has been shown to multiple audiences, including being shown in the UK Parliament. The film has created clients as well as be the foundation of a whole new business venture for her.

Here’s what some clients have said to me about this process – both how it was for them and the impact it had in their lives and business:

The Stillness Process experience is the opposite of the noise out there.

When I first filmed with David, I was deeply resistant. I’m not sure there’s many of us who like to be in front of a camera. we may be aware of wanting to be seen and be heard but the prospect of being filmed – for most of us – is intimidating and feels very uncomfortable. The whole concept felt so foreign to me at a time in our society when the emphasis is on making videos for marketing, for selling, for exhibitionism, for gaining attention or creating controversy, to make noise and impact, to be a youtube sensation. The Stillness Process experience is the opposite of the noise out there. It’s just for you, about you, unearthing what’s inside of you. It’s about stillness. Slowing down. Vulnerability. Introspective exploration. Listening. Possible healing. Discovery. Thank you, David, for your heart and generosity in providing this special sacred space. Priceless. Rachel, Lawyer, Entrepreneur, Coach

the viewer gets to meet a very authentic me…

As a film-maker, David has a special ability to hold a space in which my soul shines and my thoughts articulate themselves in a flow of wise words. He then picks out the deepest truths and structures them into a visually crisp narrative that captivates and draws the viewer into the heart of the emotions I express. I am left with a film of great power and real beauty which seems able to capture parts of me that I am ordinarily unable to witness. This means that when I share these films or use them to publicise my services, I feel confident that the viewer gets to meet a very authentic me – something I have rarely been able to say about films of me by other filmmakers. For this special gift I am very grateful to David – Simon, Purpose Coach, School Builder and Leader


“David created an unfathomable safety in an instant. With David, there is a judgement free intelligence behind the lens, he is unshakeable no matter what you want to say. On top of this, he gently directs you to new bounds – Anna, Psychotherapist

Here are three examples of films I’ve created for clients:

The first is a short clip where Natasha notices that the camera has become invisible. The second is a short clip where Jane reflects on two days of filming for her website.

The last film is of Sundy who embodies her thoughts and feelings as an estranged mother. Sundy has created an online community for estranged families that has grown rapidly over the past two years. It was after seeing this film that one of her community said, “I feel I know and understand you better than I know members of my own family”.

How will use your films? Where can you benefit from complementing your existing content? What possibilities can you create?

Why does this process seem to work so well?

Six Reasons The Stillness Process Works So Well:

Reason #1 – Privacy: Imagine sitting with me, feeling safe and held, where the camera melts away. I’ve had clients call this ‘the invisible camera’ because they forget it’s there.

Imagine spending time in a private space over one or two days to allow your message to gently blossom. The more time we take the more we can create.

With only the lightest touch of direction and in the safest of spaces (if there is any needed at all), your authentic voice is allowed to emerge.

Reason #2 – A Slow Approach: This is key. Nothing is rushed. We slow down and enjoy the luxury of space and time. You will be witnessed without judgement, you will be held with empathy.

The more gentle we are, the more space we can create for your authentic thoughts and words to flow.

Reason #3 – Safety: When you feel safe you will be at ease. When you are at ease, the sense of having to get things ‘right’, or feeling that you are being judged simply fall away. Feeling safe can give you the freedom to really speak your mind about who you are and what it is you do. Feeling safe means you can put away the masks and allow you to be seen for who you really are. And that is powerful as some people will be more drawn in and others will be sent away. So those that do connect with you really are your people.

Reason #4 -You’re in Charge: You have total control over what is seen and nothing will ever be shared without your explicit permission.

Once I have completed editing – you can expect two to four films from a one-day session, six to eight films from a two-day session – the films will be sent to you in the highest quality format for you to use as you will. You can host them where you wish, use them on your website, social media, email them to your community, show them at your events.

Reason #5 – Safe Space: There can be tremendous resistance to the idea of being in front of a camera. In many ways that energy is what makes this process work. My guarantee to you is that my role when I am with you is to be truly present for you as you speak. I will hold you in the safest space that I know, you will not be judged no matter what you say. And your films are safe with me – they will never be seen unless you expressly give permission.

Reason #6 – You Speak. I Edit:  “Ah! But there’s the challenge,” you say. “Once I get talking I’m fine. It’s not that I have nothing to say. It’s that I have too much to say. I don’t know what to do with it all. If we speak for two days then I’d have two days of footage and what on earth would I do with that?”

You don’t need to do a thing.

You speak. I edit.

Once we capture your words, your ideas, your messages, we will create a tapestry from the threads, a series of short films that capture who you are and what you want to say, in a way that deeply connects with your audience.

Within a week of the filming, you’ll wake up one morning, pour yourself a cup of coffee or green tea, and open your emails, and there they will be – a few short, lovingly crafted, films you can use for years. Done for you.

Can you benefit from The Stillness Process?

There are many coaches out there that will help you shape your message, as a panacea to showing up powerfully on camera, in front of your client, on stage.

I don’t believe that having a clear message, alone, will cut it.

I believe that the real power, the missing ingredient is showing up with deep, authentic presence.

Where does that kind of presence come from?

Speaking with your vulnerabilities, not in spite of them.

Let me repeat that: deep, authentic presence comes from speaking with your vulnerabilities, not in spite of them.

The more you try to impress me, the more you drive me away; the more you reveal and connect with me, the more you draw me in.

I believe that, if you more speak freely and candidly, you will filter out those who are not a great fit for you while simultaneously creating a more powerful, trusted connection to those who are a fit.

I believe that you want them to get to know the real you even before you speak for the first time so they can know if you’re going to be a match for them well before they work with you.

You want clients who already feel like they know you and what you stand for before you even meet so you can save awkward beginnings, that terrible feeling like you’re auditioning for them. That way you can save time and hit the ground walking in your relationship together.

You want your humanity to appear before they meet you. You know that one-on-one you are so connected and compelling and you want to find a way to share this much more broadly and have not yet found the way. You already have great content and want to share the added dimension of your humanity (even if some people don’t like it).

And my guess is that you’re tired of feeling scared to speak your mind and heart candidly.

Again, for most of us, this does not come naturally. It is not our natural state. We hold back as we are afraid of others judgement and through our social conditioning we do not want to make others uncomfortable. We often do not feel safe enough to speak with our vulnerabilities.

The trust of your ideal clients comes from a powerful combination of your clear message, your deep authentic presence, and speaking with your vulnerabilities.

In the Stillness Process, this is captured in a series of beautiful short films, reflecting different aspects of who you are.

Far from hiding them, I believe it is capturing your authenticity and vulnerability that creates a deeper trust as your community and allows your potential clients to see you for who you truly are.

“But wait. This sounds too simple. If there’s no direction, then why don’t I just do this at home with my iPhone?”

You still might be thinking that it’s OK, I can write a script and film myself on my iPhone.

And the great news is that you can.

And it will work up to a point.

In fact, for sharing extensive content you might be better off with a script, or at least some notes. There is a lot of guidance out there in how to create your own videos and even with a phone you can get a great quality film and I would absolutely encourage you to experiment and play with it as a medium. And this is different. This is about sharing your heart and soul. Who are you behind your content?

As a filmmaker, I could have shared all of this on a film. And without someone sitting with me, with a deep connection, it is just not the same.

I know, I have tried.

There is something very special about filming with someone who has deep empathy for who you are. It also creates a subtle tension that can help draw out your vulnerabilities and real emotions. Ultimately it is your vulnerabilities and emotions that will create a deeper connection. Your potential client wants more than what you do, they want why you do it and who you are.

The problem with a script is this:

You can’t script emotion.

You can’t script spontaneity.

You can’t script vulnerability.

You can’t script reaction.

You can’t script connection.

It takes a very highly skilled actor to bring a script alive. This is the difference that can make all the difference.

“Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen” Brene Brown

How it works in a nutshell

The Stillness Process is a simple, private experience over one or two days.

We will work together in a quiet space to create the safest of experiences for you to find your voice. Over the day we will sit together for a number of sessions ranging between ten and sixty minutes that will be captured on film.

Before and between filming sessions we will mostly be in a space of reflection. Each session will only have the lightest touch of direction, and often no direction at all.

Before our time together we will agree on a visual style for the films – my preferred style is a simply lit black and white set. We can work with whatever style matches your voice.

Once we are complete, I will edit and create a series of short films – typically two to eight minutes in length that captures your voice and spirit. The films will be free for you to use as you will.

So this is the magic formula:

film + empathy = understanding and trust

Or, to say it another way, it’s the technology plus humanity. You need both to reach and connect with your ideal clients. You need empathy from the person filming. You need empathy for your ideal clients.

I believe it is this connection that we create together, using The Stillness Process, that will save you from having to make those one hundred practice videos. I’ve dedicated much of my life to learning how to create these sorts of spaces for people from the lunchroom at my school to the boardrooms of businesses because I know what it is like to feel invisible and unsafe.

And, though it’s not the focus of this process, this kind of safety is immensely therapeutic too. One of my clients Anna, a psychologist, wrote to me after the session with these kind words: “Working with David was like a whole year’s worth of therapy”

The Stillness Process creates something beyond the camera:

  • When we are working together, we will be sitting in an intimate space and you will be speaking with me, not the camera. It creates a sense of a real conversation. Not an interview, a real connection.
  • When you are sitting with me, the camera dissolves away and becomes invisible. The resistance that can rise up when filming dissolves away with it. This never occurs when you are filming yourself and speaking directly to the camera.
  • Through my experience of a great many hours of filming, I can support and serve you in being authentic in your words and presence – a process that sometimes takes time to be gently teased out.
  • I will create a film of the highest quality in tone, lighting and sound – superior to most home cameras and phones.
  • The final ingredient, perhaps the most important, is being able to take 40-60-80 minutes of raw film and to craft a powerful, authentic message of 4-6-10 minutes. These will be moments where you are most present, the moments that create connection and trust with the viewer.

“The extraordinary film experience is the opposite of the noise out there.” Rachel, filming client

How can you use the films we create together?

The films we will produce can be on a spectrum from the light hearted to the deeply moving and vulnerable. At the heart of all the films is the possibility for you and your humanness to shine through.

As the films are deliberately created with the lightest touch of direction they will not follow a structured message or script. As this is true, it is best to ensure the films are seen in context.

They can be used in blogs or social media posts, in emails to your clients, and to add depth and context to your website.

Sometimes the films can be very intense and it has been important that it is seen in an appropriate context rather than on the front page of your website.

Now that I have described what the Stillness Process is, it might be useful to take a moment to say what it is not and who it is not for.

Who Is The Stillness Process Not For?

I appreciate you reading this far and before we go any further, what if this is not for you? If any of these are you, then this is not the work for you.

  • You want a glossy, corporate film made of your product or company.
  • It is more about the script than who you are.
  • You want complex post-production capabilities (green screen, etc).
  • It is more about the product than it is about you.
  • You closed to the idea of being vulnerable (it is OK that it might be uncomfortable, that is normal).

If you feel this might be a good fit for you, then let’s explore how it works.

How does it actually work? Here’s a bit more of the nuts and bolts of it…

Before the filming, we will have a conversation to identify what is most important to you, what you value, what themes you might want to express and explore at our sessions.

When we film together we will be in a quiet, private space, where we will begin with some very simple exercises to enable us both to settle and relax. As we do this I will set up the camera and sound with you so you are comfortable with what I am doing.

The filming itself is very simple. We will sit opposite each other with the camera set up to my side. I will invite you to close your eyes and do a breathing exercise and then we will begin.

We are likely to spend some time in silence as that encourages your words and thoughts to flow.

“The self must know stillness before it can discover its true song”. Ralph Blum

My role is to be totally present for you, to ensure you are fully heard, to ensure you are totally safe.

We will run a number of sessions – some will begin in silence, others may begin with an idea or a question. My direction to you will be kept to an absolute minimum.

Once we are complete I will create a series of short films that I believe capture your moments of truth and presence.

My Promise to You:

You Love It or It’s Free.

I really want to do this, but it is a big investment, what if it does not work? I am so confident in the experience that the Stillness Process creates that I am prepared to offer a full money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied, then there will be nothing to pay.

So, why now?

So, let’s recap…

  • You want more clients.
  • You want clients who have greater alignment with your work.
  • You want to spend less time creating new clients as your potential clients already have a sense of who you are and what you stand for before you even speak.
  • You want to build a more powerful relationship with your community as a great source of aligned clients.
  • You want to reduce this friction in creating more clients by creating a deeper, trusted connection with your potential clients.

Are you ready?

Is it time to take the next step?

To book your Stillness Process Intensive with me, please CLICK HERE to complete the application process so we can set up a call to agree on how we will work together.

Once we have agreed on a way forward we will set the date for our time together. I only do a maximum of two clients per month so there may be a waiting list. If you know you are ready it is best to decide sooner rather than later.

So what is your investment? I have three core packages and a number of payment options for you to consider. These options are for filming at my premises, or within one hundred miles of York, UK.

Options and Pricing

Option 1

Two Day Stillness Process Intensive (the days may be split)

We will work together over two days and you are likely to get 12-20 films of between 2-8 minutes in length helping you express your heart and soul and the heart and soul of your message. The price is fully inclusive of all filming and editing. If you choose to film on a location of your preference, any costs associated with that location will be your responsibility.

Your investment in the Two Day Stillness Process Intensive is £1920 inclusive of VAT. This is to be paid in three equal instalments of £640 over three months.

Option 2

One Day Stillness Process Intensive

As above, however, we will only film over a day and you will receive 4-10 films.

Your investment in the One Day Stillness Process Intensive is £1200 inclusive of VAT. This is to be paid in two equal instalments of £600 over two months.

Option 3

Stillness Process Taster

As above to cover a single filming session over two hours. You will typically receive 2-4 films.

Your investment in the Stillness Process Taster is £720 inclusive of VAT. This is to be paid in two equal instalments of £360 over two months.

Pay When You Can I recognise that sometimes when you are starting the kind of business that you passionately believe in there are lots of expenses in getting your business off the ground before your income has started to flow.

I can sometimes offer a Pay When You Can option to help you spread your investment over a longer period of time. Please do not hesitate to let me know if you would like to discuss this option.


Is there another way we can work together?

You might be thinking that this feels right but you are not ready for this level of commitment. There are some other ways to access my work.

I run regular one-day filming workshops where I share the process and how it works. I cannot guarantee to film everyone, and if we do it will only be one session. 

I also run regular film evenings where we share films that I have made and often have the subjects present to discuss their experience.

CONTACT ME to find out more.

Thank you

Thank you for getting this far.

If you are looking to better express yourself, capture your message and be able to share it in a beautiful and deeply personal way then this is a process for you. I appreciate your time today and I look forward to seeing what we can create together.