Transformational Portraits 

What can happen in a quiet space when there is no judgement, no direction, no expectation, no questions, no knowing, nothing to be done?

What can happen when silence occurs and we speak into it?

The longing to be seen can call deep into the soul and a portrait of humanity can emerge.

“Thank you for our powerful filming session this week. It was a very profound. Our session was both a great experience and teaching for me. No make-up, no props, no special outfits. Just magic emanating from silence.” Rachel Elnaugh

NOTE: All the films are shared with the full permission of the subjects.

The Cost of Living

Nathan Seaward shares the surprising and vulnerable truth about what it costs to have everything he ever wanted.


A beautiful and stunning expression of love from Natasha McCreesh.

Feeling the Peace
Witness Rachel Elnaugh sit in the silence, breaking through the resistance of it and finding her peace.
Love To Give
Witness Vanessa Louise Moore share her funny and touching insight on how love has shaped her identity.
Ice Cream and Football
“I was a thirteen year old boy running away from my dead father’s face”.
Tom shares deeply and courageously of losing his father.
Toy Story


Resilience can be found in the most ordinary ways.

Jane bittersweet film shares how her ordinary things hold extraordinary memories.
Shut Her Up

Emma shares who she is out loud for the very first time.

This is a moving portrait of Emma’s true humanity being revealed to the world.

Never Again

Anna tells of her soul deep exhaustion as she balances living her life as a passionate psychotherapist as she heals from the life changing impact of living with an abusive partner.

This is a challenging film. Anna’s courage deserves your undivided attention.

This film deals with challenging and deeply emotional issues, please watch with care and if this film impacts you ensure you reach out for appropriate support.



Listen to Rachel share what being ready means to her and how her readiness for life has been shaped by all of her life.

Lost In A Taxi

Natasha shares a moment in a taxi in this short film. So much to pay attention to, this film calls for your presence.

Truth and Innocence

Edon filmed by his brother in this very short and touching piece.