My Top Five Reasons NOT To Get A Coach

There are some great reasons to work with a powerful coach. These are not some of them. These are my top five reasons you should not get a coach:-
  1. Are you a grown up? Do you need someone else to tell you what to do?
  2. Are you lazy? Imagine having to get someone else to remind you what your passion is. If you need someone to hold you accountable then you already think you might fail at the thing you say you desire most.
  3. You have not really found your passion yet – which is a much more compelling reason to have a coach.
  4. You can get an app for that – there are plenty of them out there and they are much cheaper than hiring a coach.
You are down in the dumps
  1. OK, so I know that Tony Robbins believes he can change a lifetime of depression by changing your state in a heartbeat, that takes amazing skill and even then it only impacts a fraction of the people he does it with.
  2. If you want to get back to the norm see someone who specialises in depression, they will do a far better job for you than a coach. Hire a counsellor or a therapist. Coaches are about increasing your personal performance far beyond the norm, creating the extraordinary.
  3. It is OK to be stuck with your great idea, you want a new perspective, to uncover that blind spot, that is a GREAT reason to get an extraordinary coach.
You want easy answers
  1. What worked for me, or someone else, won’t work for you. Not in the same way. You will have totally different experiences, context, relationships and expertise. It is FAR better to focus in on what your magic is, where you create something extraordinary and unique in the world.
  2. A coach can give you perspective, be your biggest fan and most truthful critic; but as a coach I am not here to do it for you.
You are looking for Batman
  1. There are two problems with this. All the time you are looking for Batman you are diminishing yourself, you are playing Robin. You are choosing a role of second fiddle. It is OK to learn from role models, less so to try and be their sidekick. The second problem that is Batman is probably not looking for a Robin.
  2. I spent a long time looking for BATMAN – when I realised how much harm it was doing to me I stopped and I was truly transformed.
  1. This is not a great reason to hire a coach – I am not here to be your friend, indeed if I am doing my job right I am going to drive you crazy at times and you might very well hate me as your coach.
If you want to: –
  • expand more of being YOU,
  • create something extraordinary,
  • be pushed to the most uncomfortable edges,
  • make your dent in the world,
these are GREAT reasons to want to have a coach. Are you ready to change the world?

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