Why is my dog stuck in the doorway?

Habits by their very nature are things we do every day and we don’t even notice. Sometimes they can serve us, sometimes they can limit us. Are you limited by your habits? How would you know?

If you see the picture I have shared with these words, you will see our one year old Labrador Beck. He is adorable and remarkably well behaved. In the picture he is standing in a doorway, it is one of two into our family room.

Up until a month ago this doorway had a baby gate on it to prevent Beck from wandering around the house.

What is remarkable is that Beck will happily walk in and out of the other doorway, and yet even though the baby gate has gone and the door is open, he will not walk through this doorway. He is totally limited by his habits.

Is it possible this is true for you? That somewhere in your life there are metaphorical baby gates holding you back? Maybe it is a belief about yourself, an assumption you made, something you were told, a resource that you did not have.

One thing you can begin to do immediately is to create an awareness of your habits. Notice the simple things – which foot do you put into your pants/underwear first, your left or right? Now try and swap – does it feel awkward? Try and swap for a week and see what new habits you have?

Maybe when you are in a meeting there are certain people that stop you from speaking up, certain prospects you don’t feel qualified to call (this is a habit I need to break).

What might become possible for you to break down any limiting habits that could be holding you back? Sometimes the biggest changes can come from the simplest things.

I look forward to hearing how you get on busting those habits.


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