about me

David Taylor – extraordinary coach

David Taylor: I am a father. A husband. A coach. A film maker. A cyclist.
I have been studying personal development for over twenty years. If I had one thing I have learned from studying and practicing personal development it is that the biggest shifts that have come to me have come from letting go of something. It has not been learning something new, it is letting go of something old. I call it losing my way to greatness. When I let go of some beliefs about my own identity I decided to have children quite late in life. I had spent much of my life never wanting to have children and now I could not be more proud of Phoenix and Edon.
A deeper part of letting go is not being afraid to reveal who I really am, letting the world truly see who I am, to speak my truth. Allowing vulnerability to be my strength. It is this that has attracted me to film making, enabling others to be truly seen in the world. Unhidden. Uncontained.
I would like to think that my work in liberating others, to explore the extraordinary inside of them, to enable them to express themselves in the world creates an impact far beyond the work that I do. My goal in life is to impact the lives of a million people who are disadvantaged through discrimination, through poverty, through lack of access. People who are unseen.
Over recent years I have been involved in a number of projects to create impact for young people. I have sponsored a new classroom at the Little Angels school in South Africa. I have ensured an orphanage for thirty children in Liberia had food, medicine and lodgings during the recent ebola crisis. Closer to home I have sponsored my local youth football team and my local taekwondo club that has already produced several young world champions even though it is only five years old.
I have over twenty years of experience working in transformation roles in blue chip organisations at director level, both in the UK and Internationally. Over the past eleven years I have been the leader in my coaching and consulting business, as well as being a founding partner in a multi-million specialist consultancy firm. In recent years I have worked with organisations and individuals – Barclays, Deloitte, Wipro Technologies and many others. For ten years I was a Trainer with Robbins Research International, working with Tony Robbins at live events around the world. I am a professional certified coach and an NLP practitioner.
Over my career I have been interviewed by BBC, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, The Sunday Times, The Scotsman, TIME, and a number of industry and sports publications, at one time a regular feature writer in a sports magazine.