I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU. Your coaching was brilliant. I don’t think I still understand to what extent you have helped me. You’ve discovered some deeply hidden secrets that were hidden inside of me and were desperately waiting to come out. Not only I can see the path to my destination more clearly, but I also have so much more “fuel” to get to it than what I have had in the past year altogether. You are a truly gifted coach.

Ernesta, Property Investor and Entrepreneur

You have been such a huge help to me. You have coached me with my speaking career, you have brought clarity to my message and helped make it stronger and more powerful. I truly thank you for your support. You have also made me question myself , whilst giving me the belief that I can attain my dreams/goals. I am growing as a person and I am loving my life, my journey. Your time, your kindness and your caring nature make you a truly remarkable man. Thank you.

Jayne, Speaker, Anthony Nolan Ambassador

Thank you for our powerful filming session this week. It was very profound. Our session was both a great experience and teaching for me. No make-up, no props, no special outfits. Just magic emanating from silence. GENIUS PROCESS.

Rachel Elnaugh, Original Dragon, Entrepreneur

I have been fortunate to be coached by David twice, in two very short spaces of time he has made a massive impact in my life. He gave me the courage to search for my father who I’d never met and who didn’t know I exist, and he’s given me a clear vision of how my life could be if I didn’t hold myself back. I don’t think it melodramatic to say that David has had an immeasurable difference to the path of my life.

Jeff, Entertainment Executive, Action Coach

David Taylor is a coach who makes a real impact on his client’s lives, businesses and relationships. He is one of the most authentic and vulnerable leaders I have ever met. If you are considering being coached, speak to the best. David is one of the very best coaches I’ve ever met.

Rich Litvin, author, The Prosperous Coach

David helped me to tune in to what I really need to do in order to achieve my goals. With his questions, he changed my perspective, which has brought me out of a cloud or a blocker that is in the way leaving me feeling clearer, more focussed and more excited about moving forwards and fast. He helped me to recognise the attributes I already possess, reinstating my confidence and fearlessness.

Lucy, The Sleep Nanny

Every once in a while you luck up on someone with spectacular skills and a truly giving heart. I was fortunate to connect with David Taylor. In our first coaching session David was able to help me see new possibilities and challenge me with some exercises that have helped me to improve my coaching business. This has resulted in greater success than I had gotten in 6 months with another coach. I readily endorse David’s coaching skills. Do yourself a favor and contact him today to see how he can help you realize your dreams.

Allyson Ward, IBM Executive, Coach and Tony Robbins Trainer

As my coach I enjoy how David unpicks my unhelpful beliefs and gently challenges me to lean in to my edge further and further as time goes on. With each conversation I strip back the stories I tell myself that hold me back and become more bold and brave in my approach. My confidence and clarity in what I have to offer the world has deepened significantly in the time I have worked with David. It is no coincidence that my income has steadily increased in parallel.

Natasha McCreesh,  The Joy Bringer, Entrepreneur, Coach

David’s ability to engage an audience and inspire them with his delivery is second to none. His message is clear, uncluttered and leaves you with a sense of purpose and action.

You also get a very real sense that his inspiration comes from having been, seen and done it… and not just something he picked up in a book. First class!

Darren Shaw, BiY

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! That was the best coaching I have ever had! Lots of love and appreciation from my heart! You showed up fully and created an amazing space for me to come forth and take a huge risk!

Darlene Navarre, Coach and Playologist

“Thank you for my coaching. You are a very, very gifted man. You are truly authentic and you see past financial gain to the heart of the person.”

Mary, Mental Health Advocate


“David Taylor gently leads you to the places/s you need to go. He guides and supports without ever being obtrusive. He allows you to come, with guidance, to the right place and form the right conclusions for you. He comes without agenda, preconceptions or bias. He purely wants what is best for you.

He uses a mix of humour, empathy, experience and life events to show you, you are not alone, that others have trodden similar paths and managed to gain meaningful lessons from, what can be at times, quite painful life experiences. In giving advice, he doesn’t. It is all you, but in a way you never managed to think about before. With prompts, questioning and insight formed very quickly into your character he allows you to realise aspects of yourself that can be enhanced and strengthened.

He brings wisdom with kindness and gentleness of spirit. He uplifts without promising falsehoods of things beyond reach, merely guiding how things can be improved, and achieved realistically. You are in safe hands. David has integrity and he teaches with the courage of his convictions and in doing so, his support is all the more valued and trusted.”

Gillian Gentles, Teacher