Is Pride always followed by a fall?

This is the first in a series of short videos where I share what I have learned over the past eight months as my eleven year old son has become my number one client. He is now performing a lead role in an Andrew Lloyd Webber show in the West End. It has not been a straight forward journey. Join me as I learn about his struggles and mine. To begin with I share my struggles of being able to share my feelings of pride.

I look forward to hearing from you and what your thoughts are. Keep an eye out for future episodes. There are a lot of lessons we have both learned.


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  1. For me I associate ‘pride’ with boasting and over confident people telling you how good they are – so I am certainly uncomfortable about being proud of my own achievements. What I do relate to though is being proud of my close family; parents, siblings and children. It is natural for you to be proud of what Pheonix is doing at such a young age to have such talent and to be using it so well. Let yourself enjoy that and feel good about it.

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