Notice of Impending Prosecution

For those of you who live and drive in the UK, I am sure you will know what this is – a letter that comes through the post saying that a car you own has been caught speeding somewhere on camera and that want you to tell them who was driving.

In over thirty years of driving, I have received three of these, including one I got in the post last week.


When I work with my clients I often talk about the benefits of SLOWING DOWN. I am sure most of us have heard the old saying, “More haste, less speed”.

How about more slowing down, less haste?

Taking time to be present right now, no matter what you are doing. More present to your task, your joy, your lunch, your partner, your children, your customer.

Slowing down can create so much possibility. What possibility would that create for you?

One of my clients found it so valuable she created a powerfully worded banner for the wall of her living room. “Slow the F*** Down”.

“Oh, but I haven’t got time to slow down”.

Is that what the voice in your head is saying?

The reason I ask is that even slowing down just the tiniest bit can make all the difference. In the UK speeding in a 50mph zone is only prosecuted at 57mph and above; in a 60mph zone at 68mph and above.

My three prosecutions have been 57mph and two at 68mph.

One mile an hour. The tiniest bit of slowing down would have made an awful lot of difference. The time spent at ‘Speeding School’. Increased insurance premiums. Points on my license.


What might become possible for you by SLOWING DOWN, even just a little bit here and there?

What if you were to try it just for one day?

I look forward to hearing what you notice.

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