Talent – Where does it come from?

Nature v. Nurture – where does talent come from?
I have a half-brother. He is eleven months younger than me.
We have never met, I know very little about him. I am confident that we had a very different upbringing.
There is one odd fact I do know about him. He has a LinkedIn profile that has very little information about himself, except for this one thing. He shared the results of an IQ test he had done.
Over my life, whenever I have been tested my IQ has consistently measured between 145-148.
The test he shared was also 145. Exactly the same.
My father was a waiter in a Chinese restaurant, our mother a shop assistant in a poor area in the North of England. His father was a ship worker. Not backgrounds normally associated with high IQ.
Nature was kind to the two of us.
Is IQ a talent? Or is it like having an upgraded processor?
The idea of talent fascinates me and I will be shortly be sharing how my ‘innate talents’ have almost certainly prevented me (to date) from touching anything like my potential, and it has taken me this long to work it out. The bottom line is that I have been totally f***ed by my talents. I will be sharing that with you very soon. Sign up to make sure you get it in your inbox.

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  1. My mother comes to mind in saying “the smarter you are the less common sense you have ”
    .Is common sense, that practicality for everyday living, commensurate with what you are describing as a talent ?

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